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Let's take a walk together...

I've invited all my Facebook 'friends' to take A Kingdom Walk with me*, and now I'm opening it up to everyone.

The first step is to click here and join my personal mailing list. This isn't my church or business mailing list, this is my personal mailing list. I'll explain more as we go along, but I want to invite you to be a part, both silently and openly, in frank, polite, and personal conversations about life, the world, the Lord, the Scriptures, in real time and in real world terms.

The reason I'm doing this independently from Facebook and other social networks is simple: most people don't get on Facebook to get into these type of discussions and, quite frankly, I get tired of the nonsense. I want to give you the opportunity to have a resource you can trust, a community of people that won't be rude or silly, but polite, thoughtful and have the heart of a student.

I was raised to be a thinker, not one who regurgitates someone else's thoughts, and I'm appealing to that in everyone. I'll be posting articles and videos that are specifically chosen to inspire insight and revelation, to educate and not entertain. My heart is to inspire you to become a person who lives a life of humble conviction in every area of your life, just like Jesus did.

I'll post more a bit later. Please join my personal mailing list and then watch your email in the next few days for more information.

Take care!

Pastor Chris

UPDATE: Part of the reason I'm doing this is to write a book, and you have the opportunity to help me. Please get on my mailing list so you can get the breaking details.

* * * * * * *

(*This isn't the Adventure that Sandy and I are on related to my brain tumor; this is different.)

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