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Shuck and Jive

I keep posting about this because I'm trying to stand up for folks like me who are affected by the constant lies coming from the President and his administration. I'm speaking up for seriously ill people and the elderly who have deep concerns about the changes being forced upon us who have had wonderful care, wonderful doctors, wonderful insurance, etc.

The latest shuck and jive from the President is so ludicrous that even the main stream media and Democrats aren't buying it. Bottom line: he lied and he continues to lie about "if you like your plan..., you can keep your doctor, period." I will say this one more time and hope that some of you will hear the emotion in my voice: I have brain cancer. I am alive today because of the excellent doctors, medical care, AND insurance that I have been blessed to have. My plan has been cancelled. The new system is so screwed up we have no idea what coverage we will have, but we do know that our premiums will increase by between $500-$700 per MONTH. We cannot afford that, and we cannot afford substandard care.

My care requires fast action if a new cancer growth appears, which recently appeared on my brain stem. My insurance quickly approved and paid for a $40,000 CyberKnife treatment. I believe in God and His ability to heal me but, so far, He's worked through the wonderful doctors and medical miracles that man has devised. As I said, though, I'm speaking for the ten's of thousands of people who have very serious illness, especially the elderly, that believed their President and now find out they've been lied to, and continue to be lied to, and they are scared to death. Don't dismiss these folks; their fear is real. I care about them so I speak up. My faith in God carries me through so I'm OK, but people have a very real reason to be afraid.


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