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I'm Really OK

This post is for my wife, kids, parents, sons-in-law, church members, friends, and anyone who cares for me. I am fine, really. I'm not losing it, really. I am frustrated, though. Very frustrated. I know God has all the answers and that our future is in His hands. At the same time our future is also in the hands of others that don't give a damn about our future. Therefore, I have faith in the God that does care about our future and I trust Him above all. Our nation needs a full fledged out pouring of the presence of God to bring it back to sanity! Our government is completely out of control. Prayer is being lifted up across the country and the arm of the Lord is not too short. If we will love the Lord with all our heart and love our neighbor as we would like to loved we have a shot at getting our nation back. God can get involved in that. We can all see what happens when we kick God out of our nation and how well man does when he has no fear of the Lord. Let's get back to what does work.

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