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Politics is Simple, Really

People seem to hate 'politics'. If you relate politics to running a business you'd think people would be much more interested.

Politics is simply about 'hiring' people to create public policy. People submit their resumes to us and the majority of us get to decide who should be hired. When the people we hire to create policy don't do the job we can 'fire' them and 'hire' someone else. We are the 'owners' of the 'business'. It really is that simple.

I'm not naive, however. The whole process is tiresome and quite frustrating. In the business world, people lie on their resumes; in politics, candidates lie as well. The whole business of trying to get hired in the political world has gotten so long and distasteful that most people just stay out of it. This creates a real problem, of course. The candidate who has the greater stamina many times is elected, not because he is the better candidate but because he just outlasts (or outspends) the other guy. We're still the owners of the process, however, and ultimately it lands on all of us to hire the right people and if we don't, we bear the responsibility for that.

It's up to each of us to do our homework, especially when it comes to the ones we send to Washington to represent us. They do the most good, or the most damage, especially the President. When you trust that you bought good fish at the market and then you open the package at home and you have to air out the house to get rid of the smell, you can do that in a few hours. When we have a bad fish in the White House it can take four years or more to get rid of it. Next time, let's all take more time to hire the right people. We will disagree on a lot, but I would hope we all want to keep the America we love and cherish, the one the Greatest Generation fought and died for.

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