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You will never regret it.

Because I'm a bi-vocational pastor I live in many 'worlds'. I pastor a church. I have ministry friends around the world. I have an online business that helps cancer patients and others dealing with serious disease. I have a growing family that means everything to me. Each one could easily be a 'fulltime' commitment. I imagine your life is full as well.

Because I work at home I'm able to juggle a lot. I don't have to worry about commuting; my commute is about twenty paces from my bedroom to my office. I don't have to worry about endless meetings conjured up in someone else's mind. I am free to do what I want, when I want, as much as I want. Some people call that freedom.

This type of freedom exposes me to an almost unlimited amount of information that the guy with a regular job might not be exposed to. I can read what I want, watch the news, read the news, read the Bible (online, of course), pray whenever I want, post to Facebook or Twitter anytime I want, call people, you get the idea. And, since my wife works a fulltime job, I can do the dishes and other household duties as well. What's my point?

I have an amazing life and living it exposes me to so much it's almost overwhelming. The world is spinning so fast it's virtually impossible to keep up. And, this is by design. Many people rely on me and I try to pass on whatever wisdom I have. So, here's something I've learned:

Satan is the prince of this world. He knows that the best way to keep people from any meaningful relationship with one another, and with God, is to keep them 'busy'. Satan has no idea what it is to rest, to be at peace, and so he spends his time creating a world that directly mirrors his pitiful state of mind. Sadly, humans get caught up in the vortex, and even those who know the one, true, God can get caught up in it as well.

I'm constantly encouraging people to be tuned into the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, but it takes real discipline when this insane world is pumping our heads with so much 'input'.

People used to be able to go on vacation and actually rest. Now, they have to have their cell phone, iPad, some type of music in their ears, etc. They actually go through withdrawal if they can't check their phone every five minutes for Facebook, Twitter, texts, Instagram, etc. updates. It's no wonder that the people of God can't/don't hear the Lord, or if they do, they can't discern that it's actually Him.

I'd like to encourage you to take some of the time you spend on 'whatever' and spend it in the Word of God and talking to Him. This is serious business because if you don't you're simply a sitting duck for the lies and deception of the Evil one. He's more real than most people realize and his demons are dedicated to keeping you from a real understanding of what's 'real', what's 'true'. They will pump your head full of half-truths and misleading caricatures of reality. In other words, they will keep you ignorant of the true reality that is in Christ Jesus and what's really going on around you. A deceived people are easy prey.

God has sent His Holy Spirit to help you navigate through this swamp. But, not only navigate it, but empower you. You are not to be a pawn in this silly chess game; you can actually rise above the game and follow Him as He charts the course of your life. Satan and his fallen angels are just that: fallen angels. As a follower of Jesus Christ you have been given power and authority to stand against the flow, and to obey your Father in heaven. You can do what He tells you to do, not what the world tells you to do.

Walking with God and obeying Him is not a convenient life, but it is LIFE. It is the life you were destined to live, that you were created to live. Give God a chance to lead you into that life. You will never regret it.

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