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Some personal thoughts...

A number of people have said they appreciate my posts on Our Adventure with brain cancer because it helps them understand cancer, and cancer patients, better. I hope this helps as well. This is my story; you'll have to talk to others for theirs.

The world of brain cancer is a stark world. Some types of brain cancer are deadly, and quick, where many people who have it die within a few months. The type I have is slow growing and not nearly as aggressive. Even so, they told me up front that most people with my type have an average of five years, but that's an average. They made it clear that I am not 'average', I am an individual. Some die sooner, some die later, and some live to have a normal life expectancy. My life is in the hands of God and I trust Him for the number of years that are written in His book.

There are some days where I get so tired of the monotony of it: pills, then different pills, medicine, more medicine. I've changed my diet pretty dramatically. My energy level has a mind of its own so it's hard to plan much. My medicines have a strong effect on me, making me pretty sleepy most of the time. I'm used to doing a lot and on some days it's tough to just lay around.

Before this sounds like a 'whine' I'm extraordinarily thank full for the care I receive and the kindness from everyone who cares for me. I can't imagine it could get any better.

One thing about brain cancer is the awareness of headaches. Headaches happen to everyone but people with brain cancer especially don't like headaches. They can signal swelling which causes headaches. If the headaches get bad then it's more procedures.

They don't have a cure for brain cancer so if you have it there is always the niggling thought about what it's doing up there... what is it up to. You can't see it or feel it... it just is. The only way to 'see' it is with a MRI and they don't do those just because people want an 'update'. Normally they're on a regular series of MRI's anyway. Add that to the list of things: medical appointments and procedures.

There are days of anxiety, confusion, slight fear, wondering, and on and on. God really helps me during these times. And, the love of my wife, my kids, my parents, and my friends is a huge help. God knew what He was doing when He invented family and friends (I include the body of Christ here as well, of course).

There are days of great optimism as well.

As you read my comments I pray it helps you to help others who deal with similar issues, and it doesn't have to be brain cancer. Any type of cancer or serious disease carries similar feelings and situations.

I'll end with this. It gets a bit lonely as well because even if people want to call they aren't sure if they are 'bothering' me. I'll tell you if there's a better time to talk.  :)

I use Facebook and my blog to communicate so that everyone has the same info, at the same time, straight from me. If I ever post something that is confusing or you'd like more info please email me and I'll make sure to answer you.

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