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Count it all joy...

Forrest Gump said that "Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're going to get." I'd agree with the later part, but I would love the first part to be true.

I've found life to be 'chocolate' when I got saved, got married, watched the births of my three girls, etc. Other parts have been onions, lemons, moldy bread and oversalted food. Even so, there's been far more chocolate than anything else. I have lived a blessed life and I'm exceedingly thankful for all of it.

The tough times have built my character and revealed God to me in ways that would have been impossible without them. The Bible teaches us to "count it all joy". It was quite a while, and a lot of pain, before I understood what God meant by that. During one particularly difficult time the Lord taught me that if I could just keep breathing I would live long enough to see how He was going to solve my problem. And He always did, in ways I could never have come up with myself. After scores of these experiences, His faithfulness became burned into my soul and no matter what, I know He will help me get through whatever I happen to been facing. And He'll help you as well.

The Lord does not show favoritism. He will help anyone who calls on Him and patiently waits on Him. And, even if we are 'faithless' He remains faithful. Nothing is impossible for Him.

Something I say all the time is that everyone needs their own stories. I have my stories but you need yours. You can be inspired by mine, but you need the impartation given by God to those who endure with Him through their own difficulties. This is where He imparts a part of Himself to you, a part that you cannot get through study, prayer, meditation, etc. It is only through suffering that one becomes like Him.

Count it all joy, dear child of God. He is faithful. He cannot, not, be faithful.

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