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Shuck and Jive

I keep posting about this because I'm trying to stand up for folks like me who are affected by the constant lies coming from the President and his administration. I'm speaking up for seriously ill people and the elderly who have deep concerns about the changes being forced upon us who have had wonderful care, wonderful doctors, wonderful insurance, etc.

The latest shuck and jive from the President is so ludicrous that even the main stream media and Democrats aren't buying it. Bottom line: he lied and he continues to lie about "if you like your plan..., you can keep your doctor, period." I will say this one more time and hope that some of you will hear the emotion in my voice: I have brain cancer. I am alive today because of the excellent doctors, medical care, AND insurance that I have been blessed to have. My plan has been cancelled. The new system is so screwed up we have no idea what coverage we will have, but we do know that our premiums will increase by between $500-$700 per MONTH. We cannot afford that, and we cannot afford substandard care.

My care requires fast action if a new cancer growth appears, which recently appeared on my brain stem. My insurance quickly approved and paid for a $40,000 CyberKnife treatment. I believe in God and His ability to heal me but, so far, He's worked through the wonderful doctors and medical miracles that man has devised. As I said, though, I'm speaking for the ten's of thousands of people who have very serious illness, especially the elderly, that believed their President and now find out they've been lied to, and continue to be lied to, and they are scared to death. Don't dismiss these folks; their fear is real. I care about them so I speak up. My faith in God carries me through so I'm OK, but people have a very real reason to be afraid.



Think you know Kirsten Powers?


Opening Statement from Judge Jeanine dealing with Obamacare


"Did the President Lie?" Another cogent Opening Statement from Judge Jeanine dealing with Obamacare...


Life can be lonely

I learned early on that, in general, people don't want to hear the truth. They want cotton candy promises and tootsie pop assurances. Even in my high school year book, people who signed it said they hoped I might 'tone it down' a bit as I aged (this was in regard to my love for Jesus). As you can imagine it's been a 'lonely' life. The bottom line is this: Whether it's spiritual things or government, etc., I 'see' things. I mention them and to this day, people still want me to shut up; they don't want to hear it, they don't want to see it. As a pastor I have a responsibility to 'say' things and I believe every Spirit-led Christian who 'sees' things has a similar responsibility. I believe it's part of 'loving my neighbor'. You may disagree, and that's OK. I will love you anyway.


Jackie Mason on Obama(care)

76 year old comedian, Jackie Mason, speaks frankly about what he thinks of President Obama and Obama(care). This is an audio clip, but there may be a 15 sec. video commercial before the audio begins.


A few thoughts on Obamacare

If you've been following my posts on Facebook lately you might think I'm just a ticked off guy that doesn't like President Obama and I'd like his health care plan to fail.

You would be right.

I don't like President Obama. I warned people about him before the first election. I didn't like him then, and I don't like him now. Tell me, what's to like?

I'm ticked off because I don't like it when anyone lies to me, misinforms me, or misdirects me, on purpose, as the President has done for years now.

From the very beginning I've wanted this so called Affordable Health Care law to fail. Personally, I believe it's unconstitutional, no matter what the Supreme Court says. The entire law is a ruse. There is no way you can add millions of people, along with people with preexisting conditions, to the system and have prices go down as the President said they would. It's mathmatically impossible. It's a 'feel good' thing that has no possible way of working.

As we are all finding out, the dung is hitting the fan and it isn't pretty. Your tax dollars ($650,000,000) were used to build a web site that not only failed, but will never work unless they throw it out and start from scratch. It isn't secure, has no way to verify income, cannot deliver accurate information to the insurance companies, etc.

The health care in our nation has issues, but what we're now being offered is worse, far worse. There are some things in the law that I applaud, but sadly this administration has no way to properly offer them to the people.

I would love to see everyone in our great nation to have health care. Quite frankly, though, I've never heard of anyone being turned away from an emergency room who really needed care. As a pastor I've sat in emergency rooms with people for hours and seen with my own eyes people with no money and no insurance being cared for.

You and I don't have all the answers, but I bet if 'you and I' went to Washington and sat down together we could come up with something using common sense that would make more sense that this monstrosity. 


Follow up MRI in the early AM

Sandy and I are in Seattle and we decided that since my MRI is at 7:00am tomorrow we might as well get a hotel and make it easy on ourselves. (We're getting pretty good at it.)

This is my follow up MRI on my CyberKnife procedure done a few weeks ago. I've been having some vision and balance issues and they want to rule out all the 'bad' stuff and see if it's medication related, which is what we suspect.

Thank you all again for your concerns and prayers. Watch my blog tomorrow for an update. I'll post it as soon as I can.  :)

God bless!