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Since you asked, the header photos are ones I've taken from around the world. There's no specific meaning to size or placement; I just like them.

A Kingdom Walk


I'm making some major changes in how I use Facebook, my blog, and other media and I invite you to join me. I want you to be a part of some exciting and challenging things God has made available to all of us to extend His Kingdom and deepen relationships.

Come along with me on A Kingdom Walk.

First things first...

This is still in the embryonic stage so please join my personal mailing list below (this is not my church or business mailing list). I'll be contacting you from this list as things begin to take shape. (You might already be on it, but please fill out the form anyway so I have your latest information.)

If you have a problem with this page click here or email me directly at All I need is your first name and email address. Thanks!

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In a few days I'll be sending you an email with some early details on what I'm up to. Rest assured this isn't about making money, joining a movement, etc., it's just refreshing, encouraging, stuff.  More info here...

In the mean time, have a fabulous day.

To His glory!

Pastor Chris