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Our Adventure
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Our Adventure

This journal contains entries related to 'our adventure' with brain cancer. The latest entries are at the top. 

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Thank you for checking in with us and especially for all your prayers and support!

Chris & Sandy and Family


Let's go on an adventure: Day 2

I've invited you to join me on this adventure for a couple of reasons: you are either family, friend, or both and I care for you. I wanted you to know what's happening in me.

Yesterday, around 10:50 AM,  I had an "episode". As I was getting ready to do the dishes and my left thumb went numb and so did my lower left lip. This lasted about two minutes and then it just went away. I felt fine the entire time other than this odd numbness.

I immediately called our local hospital and they encouraged me to come in. I did.

They took me ahead of the others who were waiting. I remember how well I felt and it seemed silly when they told me to take off my shirt and pants and put on a gown. They asked me a bunch of questions, took some blood and then wheeled me down for an MRI. I kept thinking how blessed I was to be in America.

I called my wife, my parents, and my girls so they wouldn't hear something second hand. And, I canceled a Starbucks appointment with a new friend for later that afternoon.

My daughter Tammi and grandson Sam came to sit with me while I waited to hear what would cause my lip and thumb to go numb, even for a few moments.

We found out together that I have a mass in my brain. The emergency room doctor looked somewhat awkward as he told me how big it was but he couldn't say what it was or how long it's been there.

He called a neurosurgeon, prescribed me an anti-seizure medication and sent me home. He told me that the neurosurgeon was waiting for my call and had made an opening for me for the next day.

That was today.

This morning, my wife, and my daughter Tammi, went with me to the neurosurgeon's office. He was very kind and straightforward. He told me I have a tumor, not well defined, but it is a tumor. It's in the right frontal lobe of my brain and had the potential to affect the left side of my body. He said he couldn't tell what it is, exactly, but that it's probably a low grade tumor, about 4.7 cm x 3 cm x 1.25 cm in size. He said quite clearly that is was in an area of my brain that made surgery unlikely.

He said my epidsode the day before was a seizure, and even though it was quite minor he said the tumor was directly related to the seizure. He wasn't sure if I would have another one. He wasn't sure how bad it would be if I did.

He told me that I should have a fully body CT scan to eliminate the possibility of a larger tumor somewhere else in my body that was the source of the one in my brain. Regardless of the results of the CT scan he suggested I have a biopsy of the brain tumor to help them figure out exactly what it is. That made sense to me. We would decide on a future treatment after knowing what we were dealing with.

I called my other two daughters and then my parents to explain what was going on. And now I'm sharing it with you as well.

I feel fine and I have a brain tumor. Let's take a walk together and see where the road goes.


Let's go on an adventure together...

Would you like to join me on an adventure?

I was in the emergency room yesterday and received some interesting news.

Today I see an additional doctor who will give me the next piece of the puzzle. I'll share it with you later today.

Stay tuned... !

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