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Things I've Learned
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Since you asked, the header photos are ones I've taken from around the world. There's no specific meaning to size or placement; I just like them.

At times I get inspired.
Here's some things I've learned...

(For some really good stuff, read Proverbs.)

Pastor Chris' Proverbials
(If they sound familiar, wisdom isn't exclusive.)

Character is built in the arena, not the jacuzzi.

Sheeple: those who lack either the ability, or the will, or the courage, or the upbringing, or the curiosity, to care about truth, learn the truth, stand on the truth, stand up for the truth, and stand against those who lie and deny the truth.

The Scriptures themselves are proof enough that man did not author them.

In the end, the one who never quits arrives at his destination. He may arrive a bit behind, or even a bit ahead, but he arrives; he accomplished what he set out to do, even if he had to crawl across the line. There's no shame in finishing.

For those who find the Bible boring, they've never had it read to them by the one who wrote it.

The man who walks with God eventually knows his limitations, but is not limited by them.

Next time you meet an honest man, thank him.

There's nothing wrong with silliness so long as you're serious about it.

If you really want to bless someone go ahead.

It's much better to be trusted than liked.

In the Kingdom, titles only come when it's obvious they're not necessary.

You'll beat me in Bible Trivia but I'll be satisfied with His never ending revelation of Himself to me.

Thinkers are escorted into arenas of thought that are cordoned off to others.

No civilization has ever prospered when those who govern make it impossible for the people to govern themselves.

The best thing about waking up is waking up.

You do not exist to be the zoo keeper of everyone else's monkeys.

A wise man need not see the fruit; show him the seed.

Only a fool thinks he's the smartest person in the room.

Even if today winds up being the worst day of my life, I still have life.

Righteous people do not become so quickly, and their righteousness does not fade quickly. Either way, it happens one decision at a time.

When a person, a community, a nation, wants it more than you want it for them, they have a chance of achieving it.

God uses people of courage. They have fears similar to others, but choose to override fear with real faith in a real God. They choose to know Him, learn from Him, and choose to walk in His ways. They replace the fear of man with the fear of the Lord. They choose liberty over security. They choose life.

The fear of God leads to wisdom and eternal life. The fear of man leads to no good thing.

If the love of money is the root of all evil, then the fear of money must be its evil twin.

If one is set on doing God's will the condition and length of the road, the effort and the time have no import. If they do, the person is not resigned, they're negotiating.

If a person doesn't know the difference between discernment and judgement they should refrain from either.

People that criticize those that expose evil are the same ones that look for someone to blame when evil is on their doorstep.

Trying to understand God intellectually is like trying to understand calculus emotionally.

It's not what you're learning, it's who you're becoming.

People are like trees on the ocean coastline. They are wind blown, leaning a bit, kind of straggly, but still standing, facing whatever the day brings, every day.

If I pursue the things that matter to God I lack no good thing in either my relationship with Him or in my physical needs.

Watching a political debate is like watching paint dry... except paint dries.

When you ask a man to compromise his principles you've asked too much.

Instant news is like MS software... the first version is not reliable.

Life is a marathon... not a sprint.

I love winning and I detest losing, but have learned that both are an integral part of life.

Me thinks desperation is not becoming.

There are three people the world doesn't know what to do with: quietly confident people, outspoken humble people, and those who are not afraid to die.

Ministry is inconvenient.